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On a serene hill, «Val de Fii» overlook valleys and cliffs with an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.
All apartments have terraces and access to green landscapeswhich provide a therapeutic and healthy environment.
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Serene and Strategic Location in Fih village with convenient proximity to prominent institutions and campuses such as University of Balamand, UOB Medical Center, International school of Choueifet, Notre Dame University, International school; in addition, to touristic destinations such as Anfeh shoreline, Batroun nightlife and the mountains.

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Open vs Close kitchen: Which one do you prefer?

Open vs Close kitchen: Which one do you prefer?

For ages kitchens have been closed working spaces in the Lebanese culture. With an occasional couch and small television or the casual lunch table to accommodate close neighbors and friends. As the architect of val de fii, I had the chance to review the open kitchen concept versus the more traditionally known closed kitchen. A buyer does not require to…

Ten reasons why your next home should be in val de fii

Ten reasons why your next home should be in val de fii

Finding your ideal home can be overwhelming. Whether one is starting a new family or a new job that requires relocation, it is rarely fun spending time house hunting. So, here are some extra reasons to consider val de fii community if you happen to be in the North Lebanon region. Unique Location Val de fii sits on an outstanding…

Welcome to val de fii blog!

Welcome to val de fii blog!

I am Aseel Honein, the architect and managing partner of val de fii real estate development. I’d like to personally thank you for visiting our website and blog! I like to think of val de fii as more than a business venture, but rather a platform to rethink ‘development’ in all its senses. Like many young Lebanese, I have received…


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